The Unitehope Angel was created in 2005 by Swedish artist Lehna Edwall. The Angel is the symbol for the Unitehopeproject, a movement she initiated. For five years she had nurtured the idea that people would like a guardian angel in their garden or in their house, symbolizing the good and positive in life. A kind of being that could keep watch over and help them.

2004 was a chaotic year and Lehna was overwhelmed by helplessness and despair constantly reading in the news of the suffering of mankind. The bombing in Madrid on March 11 was a starting point. Her feelings were reinforced by the Beslan school incident later that same year.

”Suddenly my angel had a different meaning”, Lehna explains. I decided to create a force of hope, love and compassion. It was time for action! The Angel, made of concrete, 70 cm high and 30 kg, should be the symbol.