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Solheimar, Iceland, 2009

The population of Iceland is about 300.000 and the population of
Sólheimar about 100 people.
Sólheimar is an Ecovillage in the south of Iceland about an hour drive from the capital Reykjavík.  Sólheimar focuses on the support of people with disabilities, prisoners, unemployed people & people with long term illnesses. There is a variety of socal- & work activities in Sólheimar & Sólheimar welcome between 25-30 000 visitors every year.
Hope was brought to Sólheimar in January 2009 as a gift to the
community from three of our foreign partners, Järna in Sweden, Marli in Germany & ASVL in Norway.
Because of winter we were not able put hope in its place outside, but did so on Sólheimars 79th birthday on July the 5th 2009.
We had a celebration where the whole community came together and we welcomed Hope with singing.
Hope is situated where everyone that comes to Sólheimar sees it.

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