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Kala Patthar, Nepal 2008


Hope were placed looking at Mount Everest on the 6 may 2008 at Kalapathar 5.545m , by the basecamp for all people trying to climb up the worlds highest mountain.

The expedition were put together by Olov Holst, Sweden and the members of his crew, Per-Ivar Ängeskog (Sigtuna), Lena Ramfelt (Sigtuna), Greger Jönsson (Sigtuna) och Rolle Thell (Trelleborg).

Hope was carried to the top by a Sherpa.


Today we have reached one of the expeditions goals. Hope has found its home on 5.545m above the ocean.

Due to bad weather forecast we decided to go ahead one day earlier than planned with the placing of Hope as we suddenly had a day with clear skies , sun and light wind.We did the very very exhausting climbing up to the peak of Kalapathar early in the morning . Just by the peak we found the perfect place for Hope.

Because of Lehna Edwalls creativity and determination, and the scillfull craftmanship at the foundry Ta Form in Sweden with casting the sculpture in a special concrete for this high and cold altitude, the transport to Sigtuna and then Arlanda airport, the flight to the other side of the globe, seven days of carrying Hope through the valley of Khumbu, and the last hard climb up to the peak of Kalapathar. Hope is finally at home!

It has been two years of planning and expectaions from the time that I first heard of the Unitehopeproject. And then suddenly Hope is at her new home. Do I need to say that this is a magic moment…!

After having worked for nearly two hours to get her into the wright position and firmly attached to the rock, all the others in the group were tired , cold and hungry and decided to climb down...

...Kalapathar is usually a mountain with a lot of visitors whom want to enjoy the view of Mount Everest. I was suddenly all alone. It was only me and Hope there. I sat down beside her and enjoyed the view over Mount Everest and just let all my feelings go.This might sound akward for some of you but suddenly I felt a powerful energy between Hope and Everest.

Everest Tibetian name is Shoumolungma- Mother Goddess of Earth. It felt as the two of them were communicating.

By our feet we could see all the activity from the Everest Base Camp, with more than 30 expeditions preparing to climb the highest mountain on earth.And do not believe all that you read about what is happening here. All expeditions with their many nationalities all help one and other.all have the same goal to climb the top of Everest. And they all work together to achieve their dream.

And isn´t it what it is all about? That all mankind work together towards the same goal. Despite of boundries, different languages, different skintones, and different believes and religions. It was as Hope and Everest made a silent agreement…

Everest said - "Ok Hope, now you are here too. I will continue to inspire people to come here from all over the world to let them climb me, and you shall send the message of love, compassion, hope and peace through your net of sisters all over the globe."

It was one of my lifes most emotional moments ever, and it was real. The feeling and the energy were there, it was so real I could touch it. I cried of joy and love and I did not want to leave Hope!

When I finally after 30 minutes alone with Hope, had to say goodbye and climb down it was as if she said to me " Don`t worry, everything is going to be alright. Mother Goddess of Earth and I will work together to make people understand".

To my team, Lena, Greger, Rolle, Per -Ivar, Dawa, Kami and all our fabolous carriers who carried Hope all the way, I just want to say - Thank you! Thank you for your joined efforts to make this happen. I will love you all forever because of it!

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