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This angel was the third of the seven placed angels of Hope, part of the first wave of angels placed the 17th of September 2005.

Oleniji Ruchiyi, Russia 2005.

It was quite busy days before we left on our journey to Russia. All the angels had to be properly packed to arrive safely at their destinations. Early in the morning on the 14th of september we left for Ekatrineburg via S:t Petersburg. The only passenger on the bus to our transithotel was a nun. She looked quite puzzled when we tried to explain to her that our heavy package contained an angel.

 At the Airport we felt a litle distressed as the angel went back and forward in the x-ray machine. When the security guard, with a smile, started to wave with his arms like a bird we knew that their would be no problems. After arriving we had a short sleep before we gave our first TV interview. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of quite hectic days to come in Russia. Interviews on TV was followed by meetings at different ministries. Dinners and interesting tours guided by very competent guides. No effort was spared to give us the best of Russia.


At the press conference we really got a feeling of being part of something big. At the openig day in the national park of Oleniji Ruchiyi the vice Governor of Svedlovsk Oblast was honouring the occation. Together with a couple of hundreds we listened to songs and dances from the region. Beautiful speeches of the importance of beliving and working for a better world for us all. As the national hymns were played our hearts beated harder. and we were so proud and happy.

We are in our hearts so thankful to all people making this journey to what it was.


Olle Skoglund and Johannes Marseille from Järna, Sweden.


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