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Boden, Sweden 2020


Holmberg's garden

In the city of Boden there is an area with old houses where one of the houses a hundred years ago was the first you met when you entered the town. We have lived in that house since the mid 80's and for decades created a garden with shrubs, trees and perennials, a pond, gazebo and greenhouses. The garden is designed to create peace and harmony and is shown to visitors on a couple of occasions each summer.


In addition to plants, water, stone and lighting, the garden lacks completely different decoration. In the spring of 2020, the first and probably only exception was added - the angel Hope. We discovered the angel Hope a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the beautiful and frugal design as well as the message it conveyed. Now, the angel Hope has a natural place in our garden - something we are very proud of.


Elisabet and Stig Holmberg

Boden, Sweden 

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