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Muang Mai, Thailand 2006


Finally on our way!

There were no problem checking in the angel at Arlanda airport Stockholm, even though the statue weights 30 kg… The staff were very familiar with the orphanage in Muang Mai, Thailand. The Orphanage was set up after the tsunami disaster in 2004 by a swedish/thai couple.

The flight down went smoothley, we slept and we slept..and we slept….

I was a bit nervous before meeting up with Sussie and Hans at Phuket airport. I hadn´t met Sussie, my longlasting best friend, since the funeral in Sweden of her two daughters, Elinor and Josefin, both died in the tsunami. Now she and her partner Hans has left their life in Sweden to share the daily life with the children at the orphanage in Muang Mai.


Sussie and Hans thought that the best place for Hope would be by the temple. A temple built for all the ”faranger”(white people) souls that had died in the tsunami.


Johan and Hans opened the parsel to the childrens curiosity. Angel Hope was placed next to a little tree, grass will grow around it and Hope will get some shadow on a hot day. I had collected the sand from PhiPhi island and Similands, and the stones and shells from Kao Lak created a little island for Hope. From there she will have a clear view of the childrens playground and still get some peace.


Written by Maria Jäger from Skarpö in Sweden. Travelling with her husband Johan to Muang Mai , Placing Hope 3 February 2006.

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