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UnitehopeEinweihung LN 100918.jpg
English translation:
An Angel Of Hope As A Memorial For Marli GmbH-
A very special memorial has now been inaugurated in the inner courtyard of the new Marli University district. An angel of the Unitehope project - the sculpture stands for hope, love and compassion. The simple-looking concrete angel goes around the world. Such sculptures are already represented on all continents. A group of people from Sweden set up the first angels of hope in 2005.
Two Swedes were also the ones to give an angel to Marli GmbH. Per-Arne Fijal and Helmut Just from the partner workshop "Solåkrabyn" in Järna (near Stockholm) brought the angel to Lübeck. It is the first Unitehope angel in Germany. But that's not the only thing that makes Marli managing director Axel Willenberg proud. "With the angel we now have an interdenominational site to commemorate the deceased of all religions from our institution",  Willenberg said.
There was also a special thank you to Wulf Helmert from Otto Hoffman stonemasons, who donated the base for the angel. Marli head of department Silke Weidenbrücher put down a small box labeled with a name at the foot of the angel. "It is the name of a recently deceased Marli resident. This is how we will remember all the dead in the future", explains Willenberg.
More information about the angel is available on the Internet at
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