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This angel was the last of the seven placed angels of Hope, part of the first wave of angels placed the 17th of September 2005.

Big Island of Hawaii, 2005.

We arrived on September 15 2005 at Kona airport on The Big Island of Hawaii. This island is very special, since it has six of the seven climate regions known to mankind.

  We experienced them all, driving through tropical rainstorms and harsh sunshine. We visited the biggest mountain of the island, Mauna Kea. Hawaiian natives believes that this mountain is the gate to the Universe. Today one of the western worlds most advanced observatorys for astronomy is situated on the top of this mountain.

  As we climbed close to the top a beautiful rainbow showed us the way and welcomed us. The rainbow is the symbol for Hawaii and is also their symbol for hapiness.

  On September 17 our Hope angel came home. At the Kaula farm John, Dagmar and Thomas welcomed us with open arms and placed the angel at a chosen spot on the farm. John then begun their traditional Sunday preach with a separate special section for the Unite Hope project . Whilst telling comrades and visitors about the Unithope project in a ceremonial speech, which hit the nail in the head, the Hope angel was unveiled at the Kaula Farm and made us feel pleased with its new protectors.

  Our part of bringing the Hope angel to the Big Island of Hawaii had come to an end.


We'd like to thank all the friendly and loving people at Kaula Farm, Kuna! Alice and Mattias Edwall travelled from Stockholm Sweden.

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