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Byron Bay, Australia 2008.


Hope was sent to Australia early 2008 as we wanted to place her in her new home when we were travelling to Australia from Sweden for Easter. She arrived safely after her flight at Anastasia's parents farm which is on the north coast of NSW, on the outskirts of a town called Goonellabah. She was to stay there for another month until we arrived.

We wanted to place Hope in the town of Byron Bay. This is a small coastal, surfing town located just south of the Queensland border and about 40 minutes drive from Anastasia's family home. It is a melting pot of backpackers, locals left over from the hippie movement, filmstars and wealthy city folk moved to the countryside and has a relaxed and open-minded atmosphere. It is also a town that is visited by almost all who travel to Australia and we knew that Hope would be both welcome and very happy here.

We got in contact with the mayor and discussed many options as to where in Byron Bay Hope would have a home. Due to the fact that it was Easter approvals were taking longer than we hoped. Our holiday in Australia came to an end we did not get the final permission needed to give Hope her new home. However she was happy for the moment living on the De Re farm with Anastasia's family.

Once we arrived back in Sweden, Anastasia's mother, Gabrielle, took charge of things and went to Byron Bay herself to get in contact with the right people so that Hope could be given a home at last.


On Wednesday the 20th August 2008, Hope was placed in the inner courtyard of the Byron Bay Community and Cultural Centre ( She was unveiled during a celebration in the evening and now stands proudly for all who visit to see!

We are planning a holiday in Australia in January 2010 and will definitely be going to visit Hope at the centre to see how she is enjoying her new home and take some new photos with the special lighting that she has been given.

-Anastasia De Re and Maximillian Lundin, Stockholm, Sweden.

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