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A network of angels.

The Unitehope Angel was created in 2005 by Swedish artist Lehna Edwall. The Angel is the symbol for the Unitehopeproject, a movement she initiated.
For five years she had nurtured the idea that people would like a guardian angel in their garden or in their house, symbolizing the good and positive in life. A kind of being that could keep watch over and help them.
2004 was a chaotic year and Lehna was overwhelmed by helplessness and despair constantly reading in the news of the suffering of mankind.
The bombing in Madrid on March 11 was a starting point.
Her feelings were reinforced by the Beslan school incident later that same year.

”Suddenly my angel had a different meaning”, Lehna explains. I decided to create a force of hope, love and compassion. It was time for action! The Angel, made of concrete, 70 cm high and 30 kg, should be the symbol. 
”A network of angels around the globe, with a message of hope, love and compassion to all mankind, a perfect idea, a perfect thought..”

The Unitehopeproject was born


Together with friends she started to plan the first phase of the project.Seven places were chosen. Emae in Vanuatu in the South pacific, Mount Buffalo in Australia, the Ural mountains in Russia, Kita in Mali, Urubamba in Peru, Mount Nansen in Canada and finally Big Island of Hawaii, USA. “By travelling with a Unitehope angel and presenting it as a gift to a place and its people we would connect people all around the world”.
After receiving permission from the countries in which the statues where to be placed, twelve people travelled from Sweden to place the first seven angels at their destination.
On the 17 September 2005, noon local time, the Unitehope project was manifested. Beginning in Vanuatu and ending on Hawaii. A gigantic movement around the globe started.

By uniting the seven initial locations with each other, a net over the globe was created. In so doing 42 new locations were found at the points of intersection. Making a total of 49 locations for the Unitehope Angels. 




© since 2005

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