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This angel was the first of the seven placed angels of Hope, part of the first wave of angels placed the 17th of September 2005.


Emae, Vanuatu 2005.

Vanuatu is 80 islands in the South Pacific with approximately 200.000 inhabitants and 115 languages.

Vanuatu is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Christianity is the predominant religion but old customs are still very strong.

Hope, the angel and myself flew from Port Vila to the island of Emae

in a tiny plane and where welcomed by chief Tivainroto and chief David William of the Sowo village.

After presenting the Unitehopeproject the angel was placed . Slowly people gathered around to hear about why this lady that

came all the way from Sweden to give an angel to the people of Emaé.

Tanna, an island with traditional villages (a few of them accept visitors) and the vulcano Yassur was the next stop on my trip.

The legends tell that Yassur is the origin of the universe and that it is the home of the spirits where the souls returns after death.

It was a powerful experience to see the eruptions of the great vulcano.

During my stay in Vanuatu I met many friendly and warm people always with a willingness to help.


Travelling from Stockholm to Emae: Carina Dangoor.

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