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This angel was the second of the seven placed angels of Hope, part of the first wave of angels placed the 17th of September 2005.

Mount Buffalo, Australia 2005.

After 48 hours of flying across the globe, we landed, punch-drunk but happy, in Melbourne, Australia.

Rented a car at the airport, and had to drive on the opposite side of the road, compared to Sweden.. Scary!

Hotel in Melbourne. Nice town. Then driving. This country is huge! 300 kilometers north-east to Mt Buffalo. Mt Buffalo is a national park in Victoria. Up and up the mountain. Suddenly snow appered! Cold! Cool!


It is a beautiful landscape, high up in the mountins with parrots flying around. It was low season and spring in early bloom.


We stayed at The Chalet. It was a huge empty beautiful hotel (think ”The shining”) with long dark -red corridors and an enormous dining room. It was us and three other guests and we were always seated at the same table…


It was the morning of 17 september and it was time! The weather was terrible. Rain, snow and wind but we had very good help and support from Peter with family, Felicity and Matt, the rangers of the national park. We placed the angel on The Chalets ground with a view over the valley.


The kindness and curiosity of the people we’ve met on the journey was enormuos and made us warm and happy. We would like to thank all the people of The Chalet and the Rangers at Mt Buffalo national park and Norm and Colleen at Adina lodge.

If you want to go there go to:


Madeleine Thor Kihlbom and Staffan Kihlbom, Stockholm, Sweden

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