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This angel was the fifth of the seven placed angels of Hope, part of the first wave of angels placed the 17th of September 2005.

Urubamba, Peru 2005.


We travelled from Stockholm, Sweden to Lima, the capital of Peru. We continued to Cusco, the capital of the Incas at 3400 metres in the Sacred Valley in the Andes.The air is very thin and you have to adjust slowly.

Cusco is built like the shape of a puma and today 300 000 people live here. The valley is thought to be the biblical Eden and the villages in the valley are built according to the planets in the milky way.

Our final destination is the small village of Urubamba at the foot of the mountain Chicon, near the start of the Inca trail.

After having visited Macchu Picchu we are ready to give Hope to the people of Urubamba on the 17 September 2005 , noon local time in a beautiful ceremony at the village square.

 Lehna , Lene and the Unitehopeproject would like to thank all wonderful people for making it possible for us to place a Hope Angel in the sacred Valley.

Annika Annchorena at SIDA and Lotta Norell at the Swedish Consulate in Lima for all their work helping us to get in contact with the people of Urumbamba. We are forever grateful.

Juan-Carlos Morales Sierra and Ivette Lagunas Venero at the Cultural Office at Urumbamba .Thank you for taken care of us and for arranging the lovely ceremony. The Major of Urumbamba Mr Eduardo Guevara Camara for the warm welcome and very moving speach at the ceremony and all the wonderful children and their teacher Teofilo Chague Ccasa for coming and welcoming Hope.

Myrlam , your song is for ever in our minds.Thank you!


LOVELIGHTHOPE to all our friends in Peru.


Lehna Edwall and Lene Willumsen.

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