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Paris, France 2007


The French angel - number 11 - was placed in Cite International Universaire in Paris on November 4th. Cite International Universaire is an area within the university dedicated to guest students from all over the world. It was founded as a project of peace after World War one striving to bring people from all over the world together. A vision so much related to that of the Unitehopeproject. Carina Dangoor accompanied the angel and spoke for the Unitehopeproject at the placing ceremony, which was attended by the major, professors and students of the Cite. Hope was placed in front of the Maison des etudiants Suedois.


La Cité internationale universitaire de Paris was created in the pacifist context of the 1920s. Its mission was to promote exchange between students from across the world, and to revive France's international role in higher education. The project was financed by an unprecedented alliance of public figures and private sponsors.

The Cité is made up of 40 student houses. Each house carries out a policy of "intermingling" of different nationalities in order to promote the founders' aims of cross-cultural exchange. Residents from 130 nationalities live on site and 25% of them are French.

The Cité's landscaped, 34-hectare park provides a vast infrastructure of facilities for residents and the general public. These include a sports complex, cultural venues, a main library, a language centre, a university restaurant and a cafeteria.

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